When you’re thinking about selling your Miami home, it’s important to weigh all your options about how to go about the sale. One of the important decisions you will need to make is whether to sell to a traditional buyer or an investor.

It goes without saying that both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of selling to a traditional buyer is that you typically get a better price for your house. However, it will take longer to close the deal and you will need to cover a number of costs.

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On the other hand, selling to an investor means it will be a cash sale, you’ll get your money much sooner and you need to worry about fixing up the house or covering closing costs and other expenses. Here is a breakdown of these advantages:

There are plenty of good reasons to sell your home for cash

Q – Dear Real Estate Adviser,
What are the advantages of me selling my house for cash?
— Reggie M.

A – Dear Reggie,
There are many upsides and very few downsides.

Tops in the “pro” column are speed of sale and convenience. Once you accept a cash offer, you can often get your money in days. For folks facing a relocation, foreclosure or bankruptcy, this can be a life saver. Read full answer on Bankrate.com…

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While selling your house to an investor may sound like a great idea, it’s important to note that it’s not for everyone. The better choice between selling to a traditional buyer and selling to an investor is largely based on your individual circumstances. Adam Justiniano discusses what you need to know if you’re thinking about selling your house to an investor:

Should I Sell My House To An Investor?

Should I sell my house to an investor? Often we think of individual buyers or families as the typical buyers for houses. This has changed rapidly over the last few years and investors, or companies that buy houses are now making a large portion of the purchases of single family houses. Knowing if selling to an investor is key to making the right decision, as you shouldn’t always do so. In fact, sometimes selling to an investor may net you less money from the sale, other times it’s the best possible decision to make. Here’s how to tell if selling to an investor is the right decision for your situation. Read full post here…

It’s also worth noting that selling to an investor comes with various risks. One reason for this may be that while real estate agents have to pass an exam and get certified in order to become agents, investors don’t really need any formal training. As such, just about anyone can say he or she is a real estate investor.

There are a lot of scammers today posing as real estate investors in an attempt to enrich themselves through unscrupulous means. It’s important to be on your guard and tread carefully when selling your home for cash.

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Here is a very helpful post on how to tell between a scammer and a legit cash buyer:

9 Signs a Cash Homebuyer Is a Scammer

Beware this common real estate scam.

It’s unfortunate but true: Scammers, posing as would-be cash buyers, are out there. And these all-cash home sale scammers are hoping to swindle sellers — and their agents — out of their hard-earned cash.

Even if the details of the scams differ, one fact is common to them all: These cash buyers don’t really want to buy your home… Read full post at Time.com…

Depending on your personal situation, selling your home for cash may still be your best option. If you’re looking for a legitimate home investor to buy your house for cash at a fair price, we’re here for you. Contact us today for more information.