Selling your home and making the most out of it is something all home sellers would appreciate. However, selling a home in Ft. Lauderdale comes with a number of challenges, and if you’re not well prepared for it, it could cause you lots of sleepless nights in the time it will take you to close the deal.

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For many home sellers, getting a good price for their home is a priority. This is why many will actually invest in improving their home’s condition before putting it up for sale. This is a good idea, but it also means taking a risk, because what you do may not necessarily increase the value of your home to the extent of returning your investment.

Even so, it’s possible to improve your home’s condition without pumping in thousands of dollars into a renovation project. There are a lot of small improvements you could make that will make a big difference. Bill Gassett shares some of the more affordable ones:

7 Smart Renovations Under $500

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may be stressed out about all the things you need to do to get it market ready, and all the costs associated with those updates. Renovations don’t have to cost you a fortune. By thinking smart about some of the updates that will have the greatest impact, you can minimize your spend and maximize your investment. Read full post at Realty Times…

Another priority among many Ft Lauderdale homeowners that want to sell is that they want to do it within a limited amount of time. Selling your home can often take a long time, which could prove to be a problem if you’re in a situation that requires a quick sale.

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For instance, you may need to relocate because of a new job or to take care of a loved one out-of-state. Maybe you just really need the money and cannot handle even one more mortgage payment. The good news is that it really is possible to sell off your home fast.

6 Clever Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly In 2016

When it comes to timing your home sale, predicting the real estate market can seem impossible. Unless you’re a psychic, you can’t know what the future holds. But you can make some predictions based on what’s happened in past real estate cycles.

For starters, 2016 is an election year. There’s also talk of interest rates potentially rising even higher than the quarter-point hike that went into effect on December 16, the first such rate increase since 2006. Your strategies for selling, because of those issues and more, might differ this year. Read full post at…


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In certain cases, however, you may not really have the kind of house that would sell off quickly, and you may not have the time or money to get it into a market-worthy condition. Not to worry, because you can sell off your home for cash. This allows you to sell it off regardless of the condition it’s in, and not have to incur extra costs in the form of agent fees, commissions and repairs.

If that’s you, consider selling off your Ft. Lauderdale FL home to us. At Mason Buys Houses, we’ll give you cash for it and at a fair price. Contact us today for more information.